• Water Justice


Featured speakers include Maude Barlow and US Rep Rashida Tlaib with musical guests.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our first virtual rally and for making it a success!

Click on the photo above to watch a recording of the event.


Will you join us in writing to the House Oversight Committee today?

Easy steps at this link- just fill in your information.

To donate to our coalition work, visit – and follow the links below to connect with coalition partners in your region:

* Community Water Justice (Maine): (you're already here!)

• Our Santa Fe River (Florida):

* Wellington Water Watchers (Ontario):

* Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation:

* Unbottle and Protect Chaffee County (Colorado):

* Central Colorado Climate Coalition:

Have fun and take a photo in our photo booth!

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* Tune-Yards, an Oakland-based duo comprised of Merrill Garbus & Nate Brenner, formed in 2006 and have always been synonymous with forward movement—whether because of the group's explosive performance style, the always-surprising way in which their songs unfold, or the lines Merrill draws between music and social activism. Beginning in 2014 they raised money to begin The Water Fountain, a fund for water-related causes which has donated over $75,000 to various nonprofits since its inception. The band’s forthcoming record, ‘sketchy.’ will be released March 26. Preorder the record here:

* Alysha Brilla is a 3x Juno Award nominated artist, multi-instrumentalist, music producer and creative wellness facilitator currently producing her fifth self-produced full length record, 'The Body'; blending global roots sounds with expansive lyrical themes and meditative undertones.


* Production by We&Goliath – virtual conferences and campaigns for good causes

* Plastic Service Announcement by Lonely Whale:

* Thanks to Story of Stuff and all our speakers and guests!

GO LUKE!!!! Our youth leaders are preparing for our future. :)

Click on the photo below to watch a recording of the event.

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