Important WATER bill hearings

Hearing at 10:00am on Wednesday, April 10th, 2019 in the Cross Building, Committee Room 216 - Environment and Natural Resources. If you are unable to come, please submit testimony to the emails given below.

Please write in support of LD 1474 & LD 1121 (LD 197 conditional) and email to the committee members /clerk listed below:


SUPPORT LD 1474 - An Act To Ensure Water Equity And Accountability for the People of the State
- This bill requires certain governmental entities when issuing permits or licenses and setting rates to evaluate the negative externalities resulting from unique uses of water, such as the bulk exportation of water out of a region. 

SUPPORT LD 1121 - An Act To Acknowledge Potable Water as a Necessity
- This bill adds potable water to lists of necessities in the Maine Revised Statutes in laws governing profiteering in necessities, municipal general assistance and supplies for jails. 

LD 197 - An Act To Convene a Working Group To Authorize a Public Trust for Maine's Groundwater and To Impose a 2-year Moratorium on Large-scale Groundwater Extraction (*amendments requested that address conflicts of interest, ecological impacts and Wabanaki representation prior to full endorsement)

LD 413 & LD 1358 - Acts to define state "ownership" and "stewardship" of Maine's groundwater (*ownership vs stewardship is a debate - water privatizers with regulatory capture, home rule authority & interplay with sovereign tribal nations are issues requested to be resolved prior to full endorsement)

*See our Facebook event page for more information and links to the bill language.




A forum for action on water rights and security in Maine

Saturday, September 29–9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  (8:30am registration)

Buchanan Alumni House

University of Maine, Orono Maine

Access event page / registration at the "Link to event webpage" button above.


Maine is blessed with a plentiful supply of water, but there are growing threats to our precious resource, including commercial water extraction, challenges to the rights of the rights of the Penobscot people to protect and manage the Penobscot River, landfill expansion, forestry practices, mining, and proposals for an east/west corridor.

 To effectively address these threats it’s imperative that individuals and groups involved in water issues coordinate their efforts toward protecting our water resources.

To that end Community Water Justice, the Penobscot Nation, Sierra Club Maine and a number of individual water activists have organized a summit on water rights and water security. The event will be held on Saturday, September 29 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The primary goals of the summit are to raise awareness, explore all options for protecting water in local communities, and to inspire everyone to take action.

The summit, which will open with a traditional Penobscot ceremony, will feature talks from several prominent water activists.  Nationally known Native American attorney and environmental activist Tara Houska of Couchiching First Nation will give the morning keynote address. Houska served as an advisor to Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and also as National Campaign Director for Honor the Earth. The event’s closing talk will be by Native Americanattorney/teacher/activist Sherri Mitchell of the Penobscot Nation. Mitchell is executive director of the Land Peace Foundation, an organization dedicated to the protection of indigenous land and water. In addition, Michelle Sanborn of the Community Environmental Defense Fund will lead a discussion on actions communities can take to protect their water. Breakout sessions during the day will allow participants to share their experiences and ideas.

The suggested donation for the Water Security Summit is $30 ($15 for students) no one turned away —the donation includes a buffet lunch. To register or form more information visit  http://bit.ly/2LtAQ8U  or click on the link button above.