Several of Maine's regulatory agencies that are tasked to protect our water sources have conflicts of interest with the Nestlé corporation, the largest food and beverage corporation in the world. Change will not come from a corporate colonized government and institutions but from YOU, our beloved grassroots.
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Don't drink bottled water. 


Bottled water is a false solution to long-term water problems. The industry markets a 'culture of convenience' that lures us away from public sources and reinforces privatization. 

Educate yourself and your community.

Start a community group or converge with our network.

One person, just as one drop, can make ripples- and many can change the current with coordinated action.

Protect your local water sources.


Get involved in water stewardship in your community.

Set up a water monitoring program with volunteers.

Adopt a local water ordinance that will afford protections for the long term that will align with a long term vision of water security for generations to come.

Run for a municipal office.


We need more water protectors to run for local offices who will facilitate good decision making regarding our precious water sources and uphold the rights of humans and nature.

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