Community Water Justice is a network of front-line communities against water privatization in Maine, determined to secure protections, rights and accessibility to our groundwater through education and action for future generations.


Times are changing quickly in our world as we see it from rural Maine.


We are experiencing new pressures in an age of globalization with significant changes in climate (both political and environmental) and as a result, Maine will be increasingly pushed to the front-line in the struggle for water sovereignty.


As Wall Street speculates "water futures" and gestures to gamble away our natural legacy on the stock market, lawmakers aid and abet the wholesale export of our groundwater while Maine's current legal infrastructure is being used to the advantage of private interests. Our state's omission of a comprehensive analysis of environmental, social and economic externalities with water privatization's continued expansion in Maine is reckless. Our voices need to be heard over big business transactions with lawmakers who value short-term gains over conservation and preservation of water sources which sustain life. We see that the commodification, allocation and misappropriation of our water commons may lead us to security issues within the next 25 years


Our goals are to to EDUCATE about the integral significance of the water commons and to broaden engagement and cooperation between communities in our region. To PROACTIVELY PROTECT the commons at the municipal level.  To promote MODERNIZING OUR STATE LAWS to safeguard our groundwater under public stewardship that would include the rights of nature. We encourage communities to tap into their own creative resources to come up with solutions that will sustain our future generations in harmony with our environment, surrounding localities and Wabanaki communities. We are here to assist front-line communities in these struggles.